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THE 10 BEST Things to Do in NYC

THE 10 BEST Things to Do in NYC near me

One of the biggest and most important cities in the world is New York City. With its extensive history, illustrious landmarks, museums, theaters, and ever-changing cityscape, travelers have a ton to see and do. Although there are 50 things to do in New York City, there are a lot more activities and locations we might have included on our list.

THE 10 BEST Things to Do in NYC

The top things to do in New York City are listed below. On your first visit, or even your second or third, don't expect to see them all. Even after thirty years of yearly trips to New York City, we still haven't seen some of these locations.

But that's only one of the many reasons why we like New York City. Every time we visit, we discover something new to do because it is continuously evolving.

I've included a few locations in this post that you could like visiting and spending time in.

1- Visit the Statue of Liberty

The 305-foot-tall Statue of Liberty, a landmark as iconic as the city itself and a must-see tourist attraction in New York City, stands proudly on Liberty Island as a sign of freedom and hope for the numerous immigrants who have passed through New York Harbor.

You won't want to miss this landmark, so take a boat cruise around the Statue and explore its surroundings, or enjoy breathtaking views from The Crown or pedestal.

The majority of Lady Liberty trips include a visit to Ellis Island's museum. Here, you'll discover the amazing narrative of American immigration and get a firsthand look at how New York became a melting pot of cultures.

2- Enter the amusing "FRIENDS" world

Explore the best exhibition about the Friends universe!

Explore interactive exhibits at this two-floor New York City venue to feel like you're a part of the group from this well-known American television series.

View a ton of costumes and furnishings from this comedy program from the 1990s while taking a picture on the recognizable orange couch and sitting at Monica and Rachel's kitchen table.

Would you want to come with your group and briefly have the location to yourself? To arrive early in the morning before the normal entry schedule, choose Private Access Tickets.

This exhibition is for you if you are a die-hard FRIENDS fan!

3- Embrace the outdoors

Unexpectedly, New York serves as a focal point for many outdoor activities. Riding a jet ski around the Hudson River and taking in the city skyline from the water will give you the ultimate rush.

Outside of the city, hot air balloon rides provide beautiful vistas of Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Alternately, sign up for a Sunday kayak trip of the Delaware River that includes wine tasting and transportation into the city.

4- Discover the city from a different angle.

The Hudson River's waters not only provide the ideal contrast to Manhattan's busy streets, but they also provide breathtaking views of the city's most iconic buildings. Boat excursions take you to notable sites in American history, engineering, and architecture for sightseeing.

The most well-liked water activities in New York City are the Harbor Lights Cruise and the Circle Line around Manhattan.

5- Explore the Guggenheim Museum

The Guggenheim Museum, tucked away in the Upper East Side, continues to go unnoticed. Even while it might not be as well-known as the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the modernist structure created by Frank Lloyd Wright is a significant landmark all on its own and well worth a visit.

You'll discover a plethora of modern art within, from well-known pieces by luminaries of the 20th century like Picasso, Pollock, and Kandinsky to more recent shows like "Young Picasso in Paris" and "Experimental Art in South Korea."

It's regarded as a fantastic rainy-day pastime for art enthusiasts and cultural vultures alike thanks to its changing collections, distinctive architecture, and wide diversity of artwork.

6- Visit the Museum of Natural History to see a Tyrannosaurus Rex

One of the most entertaining things to do in NYC is to interact directly with dinosaurs at the American Natural History Museum. View authentic Night at the Museum exhibitions and get a glimpse of a huge blue whale.

You don't frequently get to see distant galaxies and the bottom of the Pacific Ocean in the same structure!

7- In the New York Botanical Garden, you may relax

The New York Botanical Garden, tucked away in Bronx Park, provides a nice respite from the commotion of downtown Manhattan.

This 250-acre green space is a nature lover's delight with 12,000 types of colorful plants and animals on show. There are themed gardens (including the Native Plant Garden and Conifer Arboretum), seminars, guided tours, and special events every day of the week.

Take a stroll over the expansive grounds and see the grandeur of the monuments as well as the less well-known Twin Lakes, Blue Oak collection, or Herb Gaden. The Everett Children's Adventure Garden is extremely popular with families, and the Enid A. Haupt Conservatory and the Tram Tour are also must-see attractions.

If you're staying in Brooklyn, the 52-acre Brooklyn Botanic Garden, nestled away in the huge Prospect Park, has 12,000 species of its own.

8- At The Cauldron NYC, let your inner magician go

Are you prepared for a thrilling trip to New York City?

Join The Cauldron for Potion Making, an immersive cocktail class that will transport you back to your childhood fantasies, and let your inner wizard go! Get ready for some molecular mixology by donning your cloak and grabbing your wand.

At a cutting-edge, magic wand-interactive workstation, you may cast spells, communicate with magical beings, and create your own elixirs. There is something for every taste among the variety of various potions, each with their own special qualities and effects. Don't pass up this great opportunity!

9- Experience baseball like never before at NYC Yankee Stadium

The NYC Yankees, a recognizable baseball club, will demonstrate the heart of American sports culture as well as the excitement it inspires everyone!

10- Take a day excursion to the thundering Niagara Falls

One of North America's most breathtaking natural wonders, Niagara Falls, sees nearly six million cubic feet of water fall every minute.

This thundering beauty, which is located on the international boundary between the United States and Canada, has developed through time into much more than simply a waterfall; it is now a playground for adventurers and a mecca for entertainment, with a variety of activities, museums, restaurants, and other attractions.

You may enjoy a variety of outdoor activities and sightseeing while visiting Niagara Falls for the day, including thrilling boat rides on the Maid of the Mist and intriguing nature walks along the Niagara River.

Check out our list of the top things to do in Niagara Falls as a hot suggestion.

You can either join a tour that takes you there by helicopter or aircraft (as it's about a 7-hour drive away), or you may drive there over many days in a plush coach. In any case, add this masterpiece to your list of things to do in New York.